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These pages are dedicated to the strange and unusual i.e. Home-brew. 

Hopefully these  articles will help other construction projects.

Headphones socket

For some time now i have had the idea to fit a socket on a extension speaker.  This has the advantage of take the wear off the transceivers phones socket as this would be a lot harder to replace when worn.  A 3.5 mm switched socket was acquired for the project, as this is the most common plug on headsets now.  The socket was wired so left and right terminals are connected together and extension speaker switched out when the plug is inserted.  The hf set used only has mono output from the rear speaker socket.  A word of warning audio level from this socket is a lot louder than the headphone socket on the radio.  Caution with the volume level is required.

The socket is located tight in the corner of above picture.  These Motorola speakers are 3.2 ohm impedance which i think is a bit low for the out put of most amateur radios. I have added a 2.2 ohm 2w resistor in series to increase the loading on the audio amp and more in line with the specs.

As you can see this is the finish result which i am very happy with.  Another job done.

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