New Band Allocation Info

This area will include info on the new 8m and 5m band

Radio update for use on 8 meter band

The following transceivers have now been tested for use on the band

Icom  IC 706, IC 7200, IC 7300

Yaesu FT 817, Ft 857

Vertex Ftl 1011h

Any of the above that have been wide banded will work on the new allocation.  Although these some of these radios will seem to tune to the new 5 meter 54MHz allocation, none will operate successfully.  The only sensible option for this band is a transverter.

Also worth noting that if the current used when operating out of band is very high against the power output there may be a problem  filtering and the operating on that frequency.

P.S. The use of radios on this band is at the owner’s risk.


From Phil EI9KP

Delta Loop construction

For a test set-up the fiber mast was adequate, however, it does not like wet & windy conditions as the fiber sections will collapse even when taped.  For a more permanent set-up I plan to use a GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) tube, reinforcing the lower end with an aluminium tube, to mount in a wall bracket.  The horizontal wire support is 20mm PVC electrical conduit, the loop wire running inside. I am using a similar construction for the 6m and 4m SOTA Delta Loops. For portable use the support comes in two sections but for permanent use there is no reason to do that.  I will use some self tapping screws to stop it spinning around under windy conditions. The loop wire is surplus military field telephone wire, a very thin diameter twisted pair type.

The impedance adapter is a quarter wavelength 75 Ohm coax (RG-59), to achieve a 50 Ohm feed.  The length is 1.30m end-to-end; I strip back 1.50cm either end to accommodate mounting the cable on a 50mm tube, a recycled “silicon sealer” tube.  I tightly wound the cable around the tube, pushed it through 6mm holes, one end soldered onto an N-chassis connector, on the other end I soldered cable shoes and fixed it to M6 bolts.  The Delta Loop wire also has cable shoes fitted, I used wing nuts for practical portable use. It is kind of visible on the photo but I don’t have a good close-up.

The center plastic support is cut from 7mm kitchen cutting board, hi.  The additional holes are for reusable tie-wraps, again for portable use.

The schematic and picture show the 8m Delta Loop in horizontal polarization, the feed point is at the bottom so it looks like an upside-down Delta.  I also tried vertical polarization shifting the feed point to one side of the support and running the loop wire to the top of the supporting mast so it looks like a Delta.  There was a little shift in resonance frequency, to be expected. The loop was usable for the 41.500 FM frequency, could be tweaked a little if only intended to be used for FM/ vertical polarization.

Use link below for images of equipment for the new bands.

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