Club members items for sale

Club Transceivers For Sale.

IC-7200 HF + 8m + 6m

Very clean little use, the radio fully working, can operated 8m on it, boxed c/w mic, user manual and rack handles.

Kenwood TS 130s

TS 130s complete with external VFO and A power supply, works perfectly.

Kenwood TR2200gx

Vintage 144 to 148 MHz  FM portable, Has been tested and transmits receives OK. It needs crystals sorted out for seasonable channel order. Make an easy restoration project.

Ham accessories

Beyer Dynamic Microphone

Beyer Dynaminc M57 hand mic in good condition


Heathkit Morse practice oscillator, tested working with new battery

Swr/Power meter

Nice clean example

WW2 Ts 174/u reference

In good condition complete 100 euro ono


Full-Wave Mercury-Vapor Rectifier  
X78 The X78 is a triode hexode mixer.
Brimar 6BE6 Brimar  vacume valve 6BE6

  • 6BE6W/CV4012
W77 The W77 is a miniature variable μ pentode designed to operate at HF.


6AT6 6AT6 Radio /TV valve with many equivalents
6BA6  6BA6 Radio /TV valve with many equivalents
AX50 Rectifying Valve. AX50
25Z5 25Z5 High-vacuum Rectifier Valve 
CV138 EF91 Vacuum Pentode   RF/IF-Stage 
CV4011 CV4011 6AS6W Dual Control Pentode 
DH77  DH77 EBC90 6AT6 Vintage Radio valve 

A large selection of NOS valves for sale. Prices starting from 1 euro each.

For more info contact: Call/Text/Whats-app Padraic 087-6957154 or email via club contact page.

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