40M Counties contest 9 October

Late Saturday we decided to run the club station portable for the Sunday contest.  So Jimmy EI2GCB Padraig EI9JA and Dominic EI9JS set off to run the station outside of Castlebar at a nearby bog.

40moct1A quick set-up this time as we did not know how the band would be on the day.  The van was the shack for the event and poles attached to the van held the doublet in place.

40moct2This was going to be a good test for the clubs new transceiver.  A SEM z-match was used to couple the doublet to the transceiver.  The conditions on the band turned out to be very alive with lots of inter EI activity.  We worked 54 contacts in two and a half hours, the generator ran out of petrol after that amount of time and as the band was starting to go long, so we decided not refuel the generator.


Here is Jimmy EI2GCB resting between pile ups making full use of the new automated systems

40moct4Thanks to all that participated to make it an enjoyable few hours.

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